are cats even real?

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My angel blade looks so bad ass

My angel blade looks so bad ass

If you don’t find M2 adorable, you’re wrong.

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Daddy is not pleased.


The Broken Soldier - The Cursed Hero - The Fallen Angel

Pencil/Arcylic on Black Paper.

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^^This is what me and my bestie do in English. Also look at what I got in the mail (⌒▽⌒)


Imagine licking a drop of whiskey from the corner of Crowley’s mouth which surprises him but also turns him on.

Just imagine, sitting on a two seater couch. Crowley has his legs propped up on a coffee table. Your sitting next to him, lazily laid back with your legs over his lap. Your reading one of your favorite books. Then Crowley goes to take a drink from his glass and you shift your legs at the same time. Accidentally hitting his elbow causing him to dribble Craig down his chin.
"Sorry, Crowley." You sit up and brush his jacket and with out thinking wipe his chin with your thumb. He takes note of your tenderness and with your attention on his lips, you see them curl up into a smirk right before your eyes.
"You missed a spot." He enticed. You watched him as his eyes never parted from your lips and you knew what he was meaning.
"Sorry, sir." You leaned and lick the corner of his mouth and he was surprised that you would be so bold. But all thoughts were gone when he grabbed the back of your neck and gave you a deep kiss. Immediately pushing his tongue passed your lips. Just as things are getting hot and heavy you here Crowley’s glass fall to the floor and shatter, startling you and causing you to pull away.

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im doing them all!



I think I know who’s dying this season…


Where can I buy a Mark clone?

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I’m catching up on Ghost Adventures and realizing how many of these places I’ve actual been too.